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Hidden Talents: Practical Tools and Inspirational Stories to Unleash Higher Levels of Leadership Performance

Hidden Talents is an excellent source of information for leaders who want to take their leadership skills to another level, and it is a great easy read. The book includes priceless lessons learned by real individuals, and how they applied them to become great leaders. Maryanne and Amy inspires others to go beyond the comfort zone to become effective leaders. Hidden Talents has the tools that one needs to cause their talents to soar.

— Amazon review

"It's heartening to recognize that we are all talented leaders and that often, leadership is simply a choice. DiMarzo, Acker and Ceslov have done a wonderful job with this book, offering a set of practical tools and advice to put to use right away. I am honored to have been among them through my own personal career journey as a leader, for they have helped me recognize what was already within. A must-read for leaders committed to their own greatness, for the sake of drawing out the greatness in others."

— Lisa Knapp, Vice President, HR, Trane Commercial 

"Hidden Talents reminds us to never stop learning and never stop discovering. The authors use stories from the lives of real leaders to show us how we can untap leadership potential. Easy and fun to follow, the book uses practical tools that can be applied to everyday situations."

— Anthony Dinkins, Sr. VP Human Resources,

Fiesta Restaurant Group

"Hidden Talents" drives the reader to relate real-life circumstances to practical and effective solutions. The content is organized in a consistent yet captivating manner, with each section offering inspiration and tips applicable to common yet complex situations faced in everyday professional environments. The underlying themes also deliver guidance to a broader audience and personal scenarios that will enable focus and self-awareness. Readers will be grateful to be included in this strong legacy of consultative guidance."

— Jill Cecala, Business Development Director,


This is a fast, easy read, yet comprehensive is its approach to leadership. A must read for anyone in a leadership position!

— Amazon review

"While some books about leadership feel entirely generic, filled with hackneyed phrases and well-worn advice, this guide is contemporary and relevant to specific issues facing leaders across all levels of industry and countless other careers."

— Excerpt from Self-Publishing Review


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Noted as "55 Books Every Aspiring Chief Learning Officer Should Read"

As children, we’re brimming with imagination. But when we enter adult life, we’re pushed to narrow down our competencies. And going down the path of our hidden talents isn’t easy. This book shares insightful knowledge regarding methods you can use to unlock employees’ hidden talents. By depicting stories from their long-standing consulting experience, the authors convince you that there’s a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Readers have found it “thought-provoking” and “inspiring”. An easy-to-read book that can help you boost employees’ performance and cultivate much-needed leadership skills.

— Eleni Zoe, Epignosis eLearning Solutions 

"The fact is that when something breaks in an organization, it’s probably not in anybody’s responsibility box on the organization chart,” DiMarzo says. “It’s frequently something that exists in white space between the boxes.


Good leaders are willing to address problems that may not intrinsically fall within their responsibility on the organization chart, but they also know how to handle and manage these problems without taking over completely.”

— excerpt from PROFILE Magazine article

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